The world today has become so dynamic and it keeps changing every day in and out as you may have noticed. Imagine what you think works for you in five, ten year back and consider the viability of the same thing if it’s still as effective as it was back in the years. Without argument, you will agree with me that much lot of things has changed but the resounding truth is; they will keep changing!

What is it that has long ago changed around you but you have not taken much notice of? Don’t be like Haw and Hem in the “Who Moved My Cheese” story who are although of more developed instinct than Scurry and Sniff but couldn’t sense when the cheese was getting old and finished because they slacked down as time rolled by around what they think they have found. But they were soon disappointed and had to start the rat race all over again searching for current and nourishing cheese.


If you have then noticed the changing world around you, it will no longer be news to you that beyond the Independence status most people seek to attain for success, another level of human achievement has being proven to be better and more effective in our daily pursuit of individual destiny and common goals. This new level of human interaction is called Interdependency. Also called Synergy.

You will always need someone or somebody to get to where you are going because there is no one man that is an island just as you can never see a tree and refer to it as a forest. A tree standing alone is prone and vulnerable to all kinds of attacks but in plenty of such and other trees making a forest, every assets and liability as well as risk of existence and extinction is shared by all- and that is by all means better than bearing it all alone. There is no independent set in the mathematics Set Theory, only universal set is possible just like our own world. In this same universal set is where you find; a sub-set of sets just as you have no choice but to lean on some others to succeed, a union of sets which is just like the you find yourself in the company of people of like minds in every facet of your endeavor, an intersection of sets is the fact that you will daily meeting more people that will be of great relevance to you but may not necessarily belong to your school of thought and some others that may be a null or void sets.

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