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Pay the PRICE to win the PRIZE

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Prizes are never awarded, they are won. Prize doesn’t just come to anyone, it is earned. Consider an upcoming athlete who has a vision of someday running in the Olympic finals and ultimately win the gold medal. Wouldn’t you think such a person should readily know what to do to attain this fit? Lets, for assumption sake, say he doesn’t know and he seeks advise on how to attain his dream, what would you say he has to do? Simple, you’d say. He needs to certainly follow a schedule of hours of daily training, watching his diet, participating in every prospective competition, maintaining a good health habit and couple of other things that may be required of him. If you will avail me, I’ll say there are two things he has to know; he must know what to do (like everything stated right above) and second is, he must be committed to doing them. That’s how to achieve ones purpose.

There are several avenues to trail in seeking the prize and knowing which area to explore is the first step in the knowing-what-to-do. Like an athlete desiring a gold medal in Olympics, you also must know the field of life where you desire to write your name on the sand of times. Be it in entertainment, health, education, political or whatever sector, you must decide what you want to do and then you will be able to know how you may attain your endeavor. Having known what do to, what’s most important is committing to doing it. Nothing can be given to chance. There must be deliberate daily attempt to get better at whatever you have set out to do and sound commitment to doing it on a fixed and regular routine until it becomes an habit. More like it also, is making sure that your desire for what you have chosen to do is born out of innermost assurance because that is the only way you can derive the strength to continually commit to doing it.

“…doing what you love and loving what you do.”

Doing the above is what is called Paying the Price; that’s what assures the prize and makes it worthwhile. Have you ever seen the spectator of a game cart away the trophy or adorned with medal of the day? Even among the participants or competitors, only the ones that come on top by giving it all it takes- paying the price, go home with the prize. You don’t merely wish for the prize because “if wishes were horses, even beggars will take a jolly ride.” You must be willing to pay the price, giving it all it takes to attain your heights and achieve your dreams. Spend each day focusing on what’s ahead of you and let all your steps and moves inch you closer to chesting the tape.
“Winning a PRIZE comes after Paying the PRICE.”

When you endure much enough and do not give, someday you will stand your head tall and sing that song of victory in the midst of applauds of many. Amongst the many would be those that mocked, some who taught you were wasting your time, some who might have even bet their life that you can’t make it, some that had made all their attempt to stop you and a few that stood by you all the way and encouraged you to press on despite all the odds that were against you. Do not be dismayed because in the end, you will be glad you pay the price to earn the prize.

So I ask;

What PRICE are you Willing to Pay for the PRIZE you wish to obtain in life?”

2 thoughts on “Pay the PRICE to win the PRIZE”

  1. Oreke says:

    For you to be who you want to be in life, you must take all the necessary steps that leads there and you must be focus.

  2. Oreke says:

    When you’re focus and also know each steps to take then winning the prize becomes very visible.

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