Olaiya-O. 'Bolaji S.

Olaiya-Olamilekan ‘Bolaji Stephenson (a.k.a Mr. Beejay). He is a young family man that fears God, having great enthusiasm and drive for success. Success in his own definition is “helping people achieve their goals in his possible capacity”. He seeks to make you better by providing value added services in any area you may need one most especially in Event Managements. Vision “I see a world of individuals empowered with both private and public victory to ensure a smooth interpersonal relationships with others, to fulfill individual destiny and accomplish common goal.” Mission “To motivate people by serving them in leadership- working through individuals and influencing them to right living- to achieve a life of purpose by understanding and living a disciplined-principled-centered life.”

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3 Responses

  1. afolabi olumide says:

    You forgot about the school itself. A friend’s younger brother prepared so hard for his primary school leaving exam but you could feel the disappointment on his face when he returned. Upon questioning he revealed that they wrote the answers on the board. Students like that graduates with a very faulty foundation to secondary school. The problem is deeply rooted and all stakeholders must brace up for the challenges.

  2. Bessie Yusuf says:

    My take on this is that, it is individually rooted. Every one wants a finished product and no one wants to start with the raw material. Even parents who got the best of education in this same Nigeria seem to be contributing to this menace by not encouraging their children to study and supervising their academic works, they rather look for special teachers and special centers for exams all in the name of being busy and high cost of school fees. On the other hand, those who lack or do not have the value for education would do anything to get the paper qualification and not the real essence of it. So how can we make a head way. Is it teachers who teach what they them self don’t know? Or students who are not even willing to learn. Parents should start getting involved and inculcate the right values in their wards and children. Let it start from the home. Me as a mother I leave nothing to chance, I am fully involved in my childrens’ academics. I create time to study with them and also teach them my self. Ït helps me also to study more so that I will not be caught unawares. I spend time with them and it helps me know the areas they need help. As parent we should help our children and making the learning process fun by getting involved in what they are doing and then assist where necessary.

    • Olaiya-O. 'Bolaji S. says:

      I do not agree less with you ma’am. It’s an all encompassing issue that requires every hand to be on deck. Let the work start from home and hope we will someday have a responsible govt. that will hasten the revolution of our education system.

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