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Let’s share in great wisdom and inspirations. These are words of timeless values imprinted on the marbles of our heart. Here are some of my quotes:


You can play the fool and even be thought a fool but never you be a fool.

It’s fun to watch people think of you a fool and they do all manner of things with the thought that you’re not smart enough to know what they’re doing. It’s fun to watch them fool themselves when they think they’re smarter than you. It’s fun to let them try to manipulate you and they think they’re winning. Enjoy the feelings and laugh at their folly until it’s time to make them realize they’ve been the fool all along. Just don’t ever be the fool for real.


You start living from the day you care less about dying.

You become like a bird set free from its cage- allowed to fly and soar in the warmth of sunshine. That’s when you can look death in the face and ask, “Oh death, where’s your strength? Oh grave, where’s your sting?!”

All because you live for a course- a course you are willing to die for and nothing, not even death can hold you back. If you are ever afraid of dying, believe me, you haven’t start living. What do you think makes death so interesting? Yes, I said interesting (and I really can imagine the look on your face, reading this).


Know your job and be proven to know it, that’s competence.

It’s important you know the nitty gritty of your job such that you can be confident enough to step up to any challenge in it. Beyond that nevertheless, you must be proven by your client, employer and others such that they can testify to your prowess. That’s when you can claim competence.


Love is not for the wise, neither can a fool understands it.

It’s only love that can upturn the wisdom of the wise and make him foolish as well as the folly of the foolish and make him wise. You can’t fully practise love if you always want to ration everything out based on your five senses because there are times you must act like a fool yet you can’t afford to be a fool because yoully be taken for geanted.


Find a purpose, commit to it and stay undeterred; very soon, you’ll be in the limelight for great achievement.

This is the clearest way of saying don’t quit! Every man has a purpose, call it vision or anything else- there’s something that’s peculiar to each and everyone of us to. When you find that thing, stick to doing it and don’t be discouraged no matter the hindrances and whatever may be hindering you because if you persevere enough, the world will soon hear your name.


Things aren’t ever the way they seem; take a closer look, get another perspective and compare note on the subject, it’s likely your opinion will change.

Three blind men were asked to describe an elephant based on whatever the feel or sense, touching just one part of it. One touched the tail and said it’s a small snakelike animal, the other touched the trunk and said it’s a specie of big snakes and the last man touch it’s body and said it’s a rough-skinned animal like tough wall. Truth is, none of them is right and none is wrong; only if they’d had a better perspective. That’s the way it ought to be.


 Complacency is a killer of improvement.

Complacency is the comfort zone. When you stay there for too long. you will lose the sense and need to improve on what you do especially when it’s still seemingly gaining you some grounds. Don’t let present accomplishments blind your eyes to the next level you can go.


If you don’t impact anyone while you exist, everyone will forget you when you exit.

You can live on in the hearts and life of people you have affected even when you are gone. They will always remember the huge contribution you made in their lives but on the other hand, they will be quick to forget you because you made no impact in their lives when ought to. Whatever the possessions you may be leaving behind, they influence you have made in the lives of people is what last most and what they will forever be grateful for.




The test of your strength is not only in your ability to maintain your stand and footholds but your capability to stand up tall after a fall.

You don’t castigate people who fall or made mistakes and haven’t recovered from it because you don’t know their pains until you have gone through their ordeal and came out of it. If you have made it, help somebody to make it.


When we want something that’s in line with our destiny, there’s a way all forces of nature from the soul of the earth conspire to work in our favour.

Call it fate or destiny, the Law of Attraction is real and it works. If you desire something and it’s also meant for you, the arrangement on how you will get it becomes easy. Although, it may take some time but it definitely will come. You never can tell how important some people you casually relate with or will later meet will be to your success story. Nature brought them.


Don’t join issues with a pig if you don’t know how to fight dirty.

Some people have nothing at stake and nothing they care for so when you engage with them, they have nothing to lose and they can go any length to bring you down because they are already on the ground. As the they saying goes; he that is already on the ground need not worry about falling. Avoiding some fight is not because you are a coward but you just can’t afford to get dragged in the mud.


Everybody thinks somebody will do what nobody thought anybody could do.

Laxity and care-free attitude has caused huge problems and serious situations for many. When we begin to think somebody else should do something when we could have gotten it done and simply move on to the next thing especially when it cost us apparently nothing to do it. Sometimes, what we have waited for someone to do ends up getting done by us and less resources would have been consumed if we had not waited.


The intensity of an impact is not in the sound it makes.

This is another way of saying that the empty drum makes the loudest noise. We get carried away most times with the quantity of things or issues before us and it blinds us from evaluating their real quality and worth. Have you ever attended an event that was given so much publicity and it actually turned out to be so boring? Or a movie that the ads was so appealing that you rushed to get the ticket for its premier but you came back so disappointed? Same is for some people that will make so much noise about what they can and will do but when the time finally arrives to do it, you find out that they were only good at the noise they made and nothing more.


No matter how long the road is, it sure has an end.

Nothing exists that has a beginning without an end. One day something starts and someday it will end; as long as you are patient enough to endure that situation, you will soon overcome it if you will not give up but give a fair fight.


Whatever comes the way of a man is meant to be; but he decides whether it be permanent or temporary.

Fate or destiny; anyone you choose to call it, they are bound to happen. They are inevitable no matter what we do. Such are things you have no control over but they affect your lifes in a large scale. When they happen, your action or inaction is what matter most in determining the severity and result of whatever happens and that’s the way to decide whether the situation will last with you or it’s just a phase you have to get through. Having this mentality puts you in charge of your life and you are able to get up and take responsibility for your life.


A conquered land can never become a sacred ground; Humiliation is not the same as humility.

Don’t wait until you’ll be crushed in a battle if you don’t see your chances of victory because you can never earn any respect from the person that has flawed you. Instead, you remain at their mercy. Being humiliated can never be a sign of humility. It’s a sign of weakness unless it’s part of a grand plan and you are sure to follow through with it.


Clean your napkins on your way to the top because they might be tied to make the rope that will bring you down.

It’s no longer a surprise what people can do to drag you down when they see that you are mounting up high on the ladder of life. They can get as far back as possible to dig up your ugly past and used it to smear and soil you. If you have a dream of doing something great in the future, make sure you are careful enough to remove any stone that may pile up into boulder and turn into rocks or mountain that will become a stumbling block on the way to your destination. Nothing can out rightly be hidden no matter how long it is kept.


Whatever you say is as important as how you it; say your mind as much as you mind what you say.

Most people do not absolutely realize that the unspoken part of what they have said carries more weight than what they actually say. The manner and intonation of your speech determine the kind of response you are likely to get. As much as you want to frankly speak your mind and voice your thought, you should be mindful how you do it because if it poses a threat to your listener, he/she is bound to form a defensive mode for you by way of counter-attacking you and from there, the war of words begin; which may lead to fight of fist. You may have brilliant point or idea but if you fail to present them in the most acceptable way, it will become a dullard’s view-point. Learn the polite way of telling somebody to go to hell and see him/her getting right on the way (funny).


There’s always a middle ground between the reality and the ideal. You can be both a thinker and a feeler.

Finding the middle ground in every situation is a way of synergistic relationship- Emotional Intelligence (EI). It is enhancing to seek a win-win relationship by balancing your ‘courage’ and ‘consideration’ for others. Being a thinker and a feeler, you are able to draw from both sides in considering the pros and cons of the situation before you make your assertions. It’s a way of living a balanced life style. Contact us to learn more on this.


You may lose your heart but never lose your mind because when your heart is falling apart, you will need your mind to hold it together.

We go through different situations on daily basis. Betrayal, jilt, hurt etc and they sometimes become so huge that they press us down to the ground. Sometimes we feel we are crumbling under the weight of these pains and we will break into piece in the next minute. Lots of things break our heart but we can’t afford to lose our minds despite the pressure. Losing our minds mean that we get out of control in handling the situation and definitely, in most cases worsens the matter. Be in charge and learn how to control yourself to make the most of the situation. In MyLot, we can help with that.


When a beautiful thing happens at a wrong time, it quickly turns ugly.

This is our way of saying, “there’s time for everything.” For example, having a child is one of the most beautiful things everyone prays for and strongly desires but when your teenage son suddenly breaks the news to you that he’s impregnated a lady or you amazingly found out your teenage daughter is pregnant, do you start dancing and celebrate him/her immediately? Of course, no! That’s because a beautiful thing has just happened but at a wrong time and it looks much like a ugly situation to you until much later when you decide a way to handle the situation.


A man that subjects his life to no authority is like a warrior marching to the battle front without any strategy.

No man is an island and there’s no one that has the monopoly of knowledge. The relationship paradigm today no longer has ‘independence’ at its peak. The world now operates on ‘interdependency’ and that’s a way to get the most of life and living. If you fear and respect no one, then you are the most dangerous man living on earth. When you have no bridle and no one can call you to order when you are getting out of hand, you are just so close to self-destruct.


You can shape your ‘attitude’ from your ‘heartitude’.

Heartitude; it may not seem like one of your regular words but it simply connote ‘the state and condition of your heart at a particular time’. Attitude simply means the expression of your deepest feelings to someone or something. That means, the kind of feelings you are likely to express, either good or bad, in any situation is controllable from the state of your heart.


Your definition of success or failure in life is in your heartitude.

More like in the previous explanation, your reaction to any situation is what actually tells whether it’s a success of failure. When you fail at something and you refuse to take the defeat or give up, that means you have defined it as stepping stone in your mind. When you try again and again until you breakthrough, you have simply redefined yourself to say that you can’t quit and you’ll make it. More so, whatever you define or use as yardstick for success is only a measure of your own decision because what makes success for someone is sure not the same for another.


Marriage is an elixir of love, if you marry the right person.

The only way you can understand this is just by experience. Marriage improves and renews your love for your spouse on a daily basis only if you marry the right person. There is a joy unspeakable when your spouse compliments you in the marriage; you will enjoy and not endure the lifetime experience.



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