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Mr. Beejay. is the official webpage of OLAIYA-OLAMILEKAN ‘BOLAJI STEPHENSON (a.k.a Mr. Beejay). He is a young family man that fears God, having great enthusiasm and drive for success. Success in his own definition is “helping people achieve their goals in his possible capacity”. He seeks to make you better by providing value added services in any area you may need one most especially in Event Managements.


“I see a world of individuals empowered with both private and public victory to ensure a smooth interpersonal relationships with others, to fulfill individual destiny and accomplish common goal.”


“To motivate people by serving them in leadership- working through individuals and influencing them to right living- to achieve a life of purpose by understanding and living a disciplined-principled-centered life.”

Mr. Beejay- a well responsible family man,The MyLot's ExecutivesMe is a vision-driven person who never fails to rub-off his positive influence on all he comes in contact with. He gained his educational experience in Nigeria, West-Africa. He’s an upcoming entrepreneur running a business outfit named MyLot Concepts & Services which is focused on creativity and innovations to give a face lift to all kinds of events. Mr. Beejay is about to be inducted as a professional Chartered Administrator. You have certainly never seen anyone care-giver as this one because of the way he treats his family, friends, relatives and clients with absolute satisfaction to his best ability considering their individuality.