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Great Potentials but Divided Attentions!

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There is a basic fact here; God created every one of us. And the little we know about God, there is nothing he does without a definite purpose.


This establishes the fact that everything he made has a distinctive reason for their existence and none is made to just fill a vacuum. Even the air in the vacuum or in the atmosphere with every single element it contains has a definite reason why they are there. Same goes for every living thing he made from the ants to the fishes and the most complex- humans. We are all made with specific purpose and that includes the over 7.5 billion people that exist on the face of the earth today. For the reason of fulfilling this purpose were certain potentials given to each and every one of us but it is pathetic that some or a lot of people are yet to come to terms with this resounding truth perhaps due to share ignorance or they live in outright denial of the truth.

Everyone is endowed with potentials
Potentials are simply the abilities that are inside you that enable you to fulfill a certain task. Your potential is the ability you have to fulfill your purpose. For example, the purpose of a car is for mobility and that’s why every part that makes it up consists of motion-enabling part such as the wheels, shafts, engine, gear box etc but despite this whole make up- which is the potential, the car is fulfilling no purpose until it is put into motion which is the purpose. Same way everything designed to do a particular thing is already giving the ability to do that thing, that’s also how much the Creator gave everyone certain potentials to achieve the purpose of creation. No matter who you are; Christian, Muslim, pagan, atheist or traditionalist, you were born and exist for a reason and you have being configured with the ability to achieve that reason/purpose in your making but most times, a lot have failed to do this simple task. Truth is; the tragedy is not only in the ignorance of your purpose but also in your inability to do what you are made to do. Have you ever had equipment that refused to work when you most needed it most? Do you remember the frustration? That’s it! That what you are when you are not doing what you purposed to do or never realized you have the ability to do those things.

Divided Attention
Congratulations; if you know what your purpose is and you realize your potentials to do it. But simple question; how come you haven’t done it or why has it taken this long to do what you are suppose to do? Beside whatever reason that has stopped you from achieving your goals, have you factored how much ‘divided attention’ has caused you? Distraction is one thing that can be a big hold on your forward movement. Divided attention robs us of achieving great results in life. Most times it doesn’t look to us the way it is because it we never get to understand the trick distraction plays on us. Everybody says how busy they are but can’t say exactly what they are busy with. That’s not because they have been doing nothing but often than normal, they have been doing things that are less related or out rightly has nothing to do with their real purpose is. A little ‘here and there’ has made a lot of people to continually take unconscious steps away from their main assignment while some others have practically abandoned their purpose.

The Urgent and the Important
Divided attention most times is not absolute lack of focus but we simply just have plenty other things and events competing with our target within the limited time and we immediately can’t figure out that our priority has changed. In the attempt to attend to every situation that rears its head contending for our attention, we don’t realize that our priority has shifted and this always result to unnecessary flogging of time on what could have taken us much lesser time and duration. That means, we need to put a clear distinction in setting our priories right to recognize issues that are important from the ones that are urgent.
Important events and activities are those that are primarily centered on our purposes but alongside doing that, we always get sidelined attending to the many other issues that we tag urgent. They seem urgent in nature but nothing would change if they are not done immediately. They are issues or event that can always be sorted out later or if at all they must be done immediately, they must be done and done-with at the minimum time and attention is returned to the important. When we concentrate on the important, there is a good chance that the urgent will be minimized. Piled up ‘important’ is what most times result into ‘urgent’ beside the unexpected events that may pop up and require our attention with minimum activity span.

What do we then do?
Here’s the tip:
Learn to take charge of your time and avoid distraction
Focus on doing the important to avoid being pressed under the urgent
Don’t sap your energy and lose your strength in trying to meet up with the deadline

Dangers of Divided Attention
It gets you to live a hurried life when you focus on the urgent. You will barely have a time to rest because you can never clear your table dealing with urgent instead of focusing on the important. Event will unavoidably begin to “prioritize your schedule” and eventually fail to “schedule your priorities.” That can be so effort consuming and mental draining; trust me!

Being DECISIVE with unbroken FOCUS and total COMMITMENT to the important issues and events are the keys to unlock the great potentials in you.

Start today; would you?

2 thoughts on “Great Potentials but Divided Attentions!”

  1. Adeola says:

    You are very correct.
    It is better to know ones purpose on earth to avoid running after shadows.

    1. Olaiya-O. 'Bolaji S. says:

      Iyawo e, you are correct.

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