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If you don’t IMPACT anyone while you EXIST, everyone will FORGET you when you EXIT.

I have had to i severally about a Yoruba maxim which is popularly used in commendations or greetings, especially to a notable person. They’ll say, ” Oo ni ku” meaning “you will never die.” I thought about it and had to ask an elder what it means. The explanation was intriguing.

When someone had done notably well to affect the life of another person or the community at large, the heart of the elder swells and amongst the kinds of prayers that burst out from the elder is the line, “you will never die.” This doesn’t mean that such person will forever be beyond the grasp of the nature’s rival- death and become immortal, but rather means that he will forever be remembered for the good works he has done and the seed of goodness he has planted; that his name name has been written in the sand of times, such that can never be erased.

That simply reminds me the reason why monuments are sometimes erected or Foundations are established to immortalize the good life and deeds of people who have touched lives and affect the society. Sometimes, building or other kind of infrastructure would be named after such person or some other project in their memorial, all so that their names continue to linger even after they are dead, no matter how long ago it has been.

Although, it was said, “…everyone will forget you when you exit” but really, everyone will somehow be remembered but some often and more than others. The question is: what will you be remembered for? Or what will be people’s after-thought of you anytime the memory of you crosses their mind? Will they smile each time they do or curse your grave? Will it be that sort of sweet nostalgic feeling or an irritable reminiscence that lurches their stomach and they give praise to God that you are gone? The life you lived while you were with them will determine that.

Oh! Some will say, what does that matter? Why should I care what I’m remembered for when I already will be gone and far away from them? Unless you are like a snake that crept on the surface of the Rock and makes no print, such person who lived making no mark, no purpose, no achievement and nothing that impacted other people’s lives, then you may not care. But whichever you lived, whatever you do, when you are gone, the lot of it will befall your next generation- that’s called karma.

The king that ruled and the town rejoices at his reign will never be forgotten just as much as the one that the town laments at his reign will also not be forgotten. What will make the difference is that the memory of one will make people smile and bless his grave, they will even extend the good hands they have enjoyed form him to his children because what goes around comes around. Same way, if your presence caused people pain and agony, your grave will surely see desecration and your children will reap the harvest of the seed of meanness you sowed. Why make the life of upcoming generation difficult by suffering the punishment of the sins you’ve committed, and that which they no nothing of?
As much as you care about your good name while you are here, it should really matter to you also what name you are living behind after you are gone. Whether you will meet just a few people or really many in your entire life, what would you want them to remember you for?

We’ll all someday EXIT this world at ripe old age, I pray but what impact are you making while you EXIST?

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