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I wouldn’t think rafts, boats, canoes and the likes will ever have to bother about finding out the strength of the storm on the oceans and seas by trying to sail smoothly on them unless it’s a sinking suicide mission as much as ships and vessels wouldn’t contemplate sailing on rivers and lakes because by design, such platform is too small for the display of their functionality. Obviously then, the size of the container on the water determines the size of waterbody it requires to sail. Simply put,

How big you planned to get in life will also be measured by the size of challenges you will likely encounter.

Question is; is there anyone who has walked the surface of this earth leaving footprints on the rock of life but has no challenge whatsoever? Nelson Mandela is a world icon today but his years of incarceration remains part of the story just like so many others who had made significant impact in the history of mankind and all have their list of challenges that could have stopped them from achieving the fit but the challenges, despite their magnitude and fierceness, rather were used as stairs to mount on the summit of landmark achievements. That’s what they are- stairs to mount on higher platform in life.

Life is laced with lots of challenges and problems that requires solutions to make things better for the people- that’s what our various individual challenges are meant to address, solving a larger problem for our immediate society and anyone who can take the bull by the horn to confront these issues and solve them is the one who is an achiever, celebrated and crowned at the end of the day. If you desire to be great; you have unimaginable dreams, then, life’s battle will be your companion and life-mate. That means you should be ever ready to receive the punches such as- financial crisis, rejection, betrayal, persecution, loss and the likes, that life throws your way but you can’t afford to be a weakling, you have to throw your’s back! Persevere, fight, work hard and smart, learn, be resilient, be spiritual and never quit; then you will not merely be bearing the stings of life troubles but also throwing yours back, ‘antidoting’ the stings and forging your way to joining the roll on the Hall of Fame.

Your ability to always fight and win this battle is what assures the trophy of breakthrough which is the answer and solution to certain problem and solving such, you make life and living easier not only for yourself alone but for others within your sphere of influence.

Life will never give you what you deserve but only what you demand.

Placing your demands is the fight you need to give to get what you desire as it will obviously not just fall on your lap. Nothing is ever gotten on plater of bronze even, not to mention gold unless someone somewhere has paid for it. Whatever you enjoy for free today is what someone has had to do rigorous labor for and even at that, you will still be faced with the challenges of maintaining it or have your own troubles in other aspect of human living and endeavor.

Show me a man who has no life battle to fight nor any challenge and I will show you a man that’s going nowhere with no ambition.

Over time, I have learnt to discredit the word- ‘overambitious’ as it applies only to those who would lift no finger to take life headlong; not willing to bear any cut from the thorns but yet want to pluck the most beautiful roses. But if you are willing and can bear through whatever stumbling block on your way, then you will someday arrive your destination and fulfill all your ambitions.


Remember that life is like water bodies. It will be suicidal to paddle a canoe or boat on an ocean because it can’t withstand the kind of storm the ocean generates neither can you sail a ship on a river. You have the desires to attain greatness? Then be ready for the battles you will have to fight. The fact that you have so much you’re going through right now is a sign that there’s something great you’re made for and a big purpose you’re bound to fulfill such that will remove you from obscurity and place you in the limelight where you will be celebrated as one of the world’s greatest but you can never get there if you’ll give up and resign to mediocrity by throwing in the the trowel when you’re just about to chest the tape.

You want to become an achiever, then be ready for challenges that will come your way. Don’t pray for success when you haven’t found any problem to embrace and solve. Mark Zukerberg solved the problem of usual break in communication by providing Facebook, Steve Job took tech to higher level with Apple Inc., and others with many inventions and innovations. If yours cannot be of global impact, start with yourself, then family, community, town, province, country or continent; just make sure you provide solution and as sure as the dawn, know that you can have the victory only when you are stubborn enough to resist quitting.

You wish to be a ship, get ready for the ocean storms.

How far are you ready to go?

2 thoughts on “BOAT ON THE OCEANS”

  1. Didii says:

    Nice piece..
    A wake up call …
    Before success can be celebrated
    Challenges must be surmounted.

    Thanks for this timely inspirational write up.

  2. Olaiya-O. 'Bolaji S. says:

    Thanks babe.

    You inspired it.

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