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Take the Risk

A ship is safest in the harbor, but is that what ships are made for? Of course not! A ship is made to sail, to sail on the seas, regardless of the mood of the wind, whether the sea is calm or the sea is in its fiercest rising of the waves because the strength of the ship is tested mostly in the ferocity of the wind. We are afraid of sinking, but how do image we know that we will sink if we haven’t yet sailed? How do we know we will fail if we haven’t yet tried? Do you think Christopher Columbus found the America we now call the greatest nation by sitting down on his chair and doubting whether he should sail across the oceans or not; he took a risk, he crossed the gigantic sea even though he knew he could lose his life, even though he knew he might never return, he risked it all just to follow his dreams, he took the risk and got the most of the reward.

Life and Living

Life is a risk. Living is a risk. Show me a man that has laboured in the morning, rolled up his sleeves and got his knees down to work, toiling all day under the scorching sun to till the ground in planting, weeding and having done all, patiently waited for the time of harvest and I will show you a man that will spend his evening relaxing to enjoy the fruit of his labour. He takes the risks against all odds; not minding the thorns and thistles nor the unfriendliness of the season. When the times and seasons seemed unfavorable, he never gave up trying. When everyone uses their strength to resist and to do wrong, he uses his to do right. When everyone has quit trying, he draws strength from within to keep moving forward. And when his energy is sapped and the world keeps telling him to give up, he puts in one last push, and then another last push and another last push until he is able to breakthrough. Or do you want to show me a man that is afraid to take the plunge, complaining of the uncertainty of the depth of the waters or the danger of whatever creature that might swallow him whole and I will show you a man that will never make it across the river of life. He ventured nothing, he gains nothing.

What’s in your hand?

What is your skill? What is your talent? What have you been gifted with that you think is not good enough to showcase? You’re scared of what people will say about your aspirations. You are like that servant who having received one talent, decided to bury it because he thought that was too small and very belittling of his master to have given others more than he got. Too bad that he got worse judgment melted to him. One thing is sure, everyone is giving something, just like the servant, no matter how little and you are expected to take the risk and trade with what you have so that it may multiply.

You’re scared of people who will judge you, laugh at you or mock you for who you are, but you forget that no one ever tried once and made all once. Albert Einstein failed nine hundred and ninety nine times but never gave up. He gave it one last shot, that one last shot is light that come on every time you turn the switch.

Don’t be pessimistic; take the bull by the horns; plunge into the deep to make your biggest catch. Remember, no pain, no gain. Nothing ventured; nothing gained.

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